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  1. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as indicating that Abbeyville will provide accommodation continuously in any room or rooms. Abbeyville reserves the right to vary the location of the accommodation from time to time anywhere in Abbeyville.
  2. Nothing in this agreement will constitute a landlord/tenant relationship within the meaning of the landlord/tenants acts, or otherwise.
  3. Abbeyville reserves the right to terminate the provision of accommodation immediately if for any reason or otherwise it decides to do so.
  4. Abbeyville reserves the right to enter and inspect the accommodation at all times.
  5. Visitors are not permitted to remain overnight without prior consent from reception. All overnight visitors must be checked in to reception before 9.00pm that same evening, otherwise a fee of €35 per visitor will apply.
  6. Subletting is not permitted.
  7. Under no circumstances to part with I.D. pass or keys for the purpose of gaining access to the complex and to immediately report the loss thereof to reception and to indemnify Abbeyville in respect of any loss/damage which may be occasioned by reason of such loss.
  8. To keep the interior of the premises in a clean and hygienic condition including all fixtures, fittings, furniture, installations and sanitary fitting and appliances and not to damage same.
  9. No pets allowed on the premises.
  10. Not to hang or expose laundry outside the building.
  11. Not to place bicycles in any other place except designated areas.
  12. Not to store or keep any unlawful substances or materials on the premises at any time and to report the possession of such substances to reception.
  13. Not to hold parties in the premises or large congregations in the complex
  14. No responsibility will be accepted by Abbeyville for any items left on the premises after vacation of accommodation.
  15. Abbeyville is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. Insurance for any personal belongings and effects is advised.
  16. No loud music or excessive noise will be permitted.
  17. All cancellations must be made in writing to abbeyville apartment.
  18. No refunds of rental will be made in the event of early vacation
  19. Ball playing strictly prohibited.
  20. Interfering with fire alarms is a criminal offense, anyone interfering with same will be expelled, charged and prosecuted
  21. Abuse of alochol or drugs will not be tolerated, students will be dismissed immediately from Abbeyville.
  22. Wired Internet Access is provided in each bedroom. No devises such as routers/WiFi extenders are permitted.
  23. Electricity usage must be monitored by students. Any usage over allowance will be taken from Deposit.
  24. Payments to be made in full and on time. Failure to do so will result in late fees.

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